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The Arthrostim

Being able to check you in just about any posture or position would be of little use without the ability to do adjustments in those same positions.  

This is where the arthrostim comes in. It is a simple hand held instrument that delivers a gentle vibrational force for your chiropractor to perform adjustments with. The head of the arthrostim moves backwards and forwards at a very high speed over a very short distance (a high velocity, low amplitude thrust) and it repeats the procedure several times per second. These thrusts create a barrage of nervous system stimulation to the brain which can help reset dysfunctional muscular and skeletal patterns without the need for any twisting or stretching of the spine or cracking or popping of the joints. The idea is to release stress from the body and nervous system without introducing any unnecessary force. Furthermore the design of the arthrostim means that your chiropractor does not need to orient your body position, or his, to suit the adjustment, so you can be adjusted in the relevant posture for the issue.

The ArthroStim works at a specific frequency (7.83 Hz) that is identical to the geomagnetic frequency of the Earth's cavity (Rockwell 2000). This frequency is known to have a piezoelectric effect on the body tissues, which is the point at which mechanical energy turns into electrical energy adding a further dimension to treatment. Physicists have found this piezoelectric frequency to be most conducive to tissue healing (Rockwell 2000).

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