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Your chiropractor will check you using a simple Biofeedback system.

The ‘OD’

Your body has many subtle responses and indicators which can be used to gain information about problems that need addressing. With KST the preferred Binary* Biofeedback mechanism occurs at the base of the skull, just below the bone known as the occiput. With training it is possible to detect the subtle shift that occurs here when we challenge a part of the body that is already out of balance. This response is called the Occipital Drop, or OD for short. (It has also been referred to as ‘Talking to the back of the head’ !)

The OD can be used to discover the point with the highest priority for adjustment in the body at any given moment. The information given by the OD is from your body’s innate intelligence, the same system that runs all the automatic processes like beating your heart, digesting your food, making enzymes and neurotransmitters, controlling your posture and alignment and all the myriad other remarkable processes and events in our bodies that we so easily take for granted.

Deferring to this system, this body wisdom if you like, just makes perfect sense. With KST we are working with the body to help and support you on the road to good health.

*Binary simply refers to it being a yes/no answer system. That just means we need to ask the right questions; ones that have a yes or no answer.


‘Talking to the back of the head.’

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